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Frequently Asked Questions

Mike Waite, of Emergency Response Consultants, and his associates, have spent many years in the safety / emergency response field. They bring their skills and knowledge together to offer their clients top of the line safety programs which would otherwise be difficult to achieve.

In today's economy, value for dollars spent is an absolute must. Emergency Response Consultants can deliver that value, and as a client you would be entitled to discounted prices on training and first aid supplies from affiliated companies.


Who can we help?

... Any organization, large or small, whose management and employees are concerned with Health and Safety , how to prevent incidents, and what to do if an emergency situation arises. Is your PREVENTION program up to date and functioning the way you want it to ? ? Do you know and have the skills to do what needs to be done if an emergency occurs ? ?

Who have we helped?

  • B.C. Forest companies such as Macmillan Bloedel, Fletcher Challenge, Weyerhaeuser, Canfor, Pope & Talbot, and West Fraser Mills.
  • Oil industry clients such as Petro Canada and Husky oil.
  • Municipalities such as Quesnel, Kitimat & Smithers.
  • International clients: Indorayon, Indonesia, Cruse Verdi, Monteray Mexico.
  • Consultation on contractor safety, life safety and fire safety plans during construction of the University of Northern B.C.

What can we help you with?

  • Safety Program development, implementation and maintenance including training.
  • Risk management surveys and program analysis.
  • Safety committee development and training.
  • Supervisor training such as due diligence.
  • Emergency preparedness and fire protection surveys.
  • Developing an emergency organization and training your personnel.

We have developed our skills and programs over many years. You can take advantage of all this knowledge and expertise without the related development time and costs.

We will be your Health & Safety professionals!

  • We would take less time doing the same job as a part time non Health & Safety person, a direct savings.
  • Your personnel would be doing the work they are most qualified to do achieving optimum cost efficiency.
  • Common requirements of subscriber companies means elimination of duplication.
  • Discounted cost of required training and First Aid supplies is a direct savings.
  • Client seminars at no cost represents a direct benefit.
  • We can maintain your records of safety meetings and investigations.
  • We can assist you in your dealings with the WorkSafeBC
  • Questions of your DUE DILLIGENCE will be answered.

Unless you have a full time health and safety representative, you or someone on your staff has to deal with their primary job as well as health and safety issues as a secondary responsibility. The cost of this individuals time is a direct unrecoverable cost to you and the time being spent is time away from production time. THIS IS IMPORTANT TIME, but we believe we can offer you a more effective way to provide that time.

Is it cost effective?

  • The cost of our service is comparable to the cost of providing the time yourself but you pay only for the time you need and it is a contracting expense.
  • We would take less time doing the same job than a part time health and safety person.
  • Your time ( the time you are presently paying for ) can be spent where it is most productive and your safety obligations will be met at the same time.
  • Common requirements of subscriber companies means elimination of duplication and quicker program implementation.
  • Discounted costs of required training and equipment ( first aid & safety supplies ) through our affiliate companies.

Why do we believe we can help? What are our qualifications?

We have written safety and emergency procedures for many companies over the past 25 years. We come from industry backgrounds having dealt with WorkSafeBC as industry representatives. We have performed hazard / risk assessments for numerous companies as well as serving as Safety consultants and coordinating construction contractors for UNBC

Please contact us
so that we can answer any other questions you might have.