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Services: Risk Management Program

EMERGENCY RESPONSE CONSULTANTS in conjunction with other associated safety professionals are combining their efforts to market and provide a Risk Management Program for small to medium sized businesses whose safety program and related work is now being done on a part time basis by an employee whose time would be better spent on their regular job.

Dealing with the complexities associated with WorkSafeBC, it only makes sense to coordinate safety programs through a central organization, thereby eliminating a lot of duplication and making your safety program as cost effective as possible.

Mike Waite, of Emergency Response Consultants, and his associates, have spent many years in the safety / emergency response field. They bring their skills and knowledge together to offer their clients top of the line safety programs which would otherwise be difficult to achieve.

In today's economy, value for dollars spent is an absolute must. Emergency Response Consultants can deliver that value, and as a client you would be entitled to discounted prices on training and first aid supplies from affiliated companies.


  • The cost of our service is comparable to the cost of providing the time yourself but you pay only for the time you need and it is a contracting expense.
  • We would take less time doing the same job as a part time non Health & Safety professional, a direct savings.
  • Your time ( the time you are presently paying for ) can be spent where it is most productive and your safety obligations will be met at the same time.
  • Common requirements of subscriber companies means elimination of duplication and quicker program implementation.
  • Discounted costs of required training and equipment (first aid & safety supplies) through our affiliate companies.

Please have a look at what we have to offer. If at all you have questions and cannot find the information you need on this website, please don't hesitate to Contact Us for any other information you require.